Programme du 23/06

Programme du 23/06

15.00 FC Wiltz 71 – Tata Trust U Dream Football (INDE) (CAD. – MA)


Tata Trusts U Dream Football was launched with the vision of offering talented young footballers the opportunity to pursue the sport as a professional career by giving them the same quality of training facilities as is offered to a budding footballer in Europe. The philosophy of the programme rests on identifying talent at a young age, training them to hone their skills, and prepare them for a career as a professional footballer.

The football programme offered covers all aspects of the professional game, also laying equal emphasis on academics. German Head coach Heinz Ewen and Indian Head coach Sushant Pawar along with Asst. coach Toheed Khan, have designed the curriculum of the football course with the focus on developing competitive professional footballers to play in the leading football leagues in Europe.

The residential programme offers both national and international exposure. The programme is split into 2 parts –where the players spend 6 months or more training in India and the remaining time training in Europe and other parts of the world. In India, they train at our base in Nashik, Maharashtra – where they also complete their academic studies. Our team of top-quality coaches focus on all-round development of the footballer, honing both his physical and mental skills, as well as working on improving his technical abilities and his tactical and strategic understanding of the game.

To hone player skills, our teams play competitive games on a weekly basis and this is the primary focus of the training curriculum. In India, our teams will compete in the youth I-League across age groups, as well having a regular calendar of games against competitive sides across the country. While in Europe, the teams participate in marquee tournaments as well as participate in a set of planned fixtures against key teams of the region. Tournaments and teams in Europe are picked keeping in mind that our footballers should get exposure to leading youth scouts from the continent.

All the footballers are enrolled in the Fravashi International School, one of the country’s leading boarding schools for academics. The footballers follow international schooling, under the IGCSE curriculum. The programme maintains a balance between football and academics.