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Normal Calendar
iCal ics

Download your calendar and keep it updated automatically.

Your iCal feed automatically keeps your calendar in synch with your team calendar on Sport50-Network. Many different applications support iCal, including Microsoft Outlook 2007, Apple iCalendar, Google Calendar and many more.

Get your iCal feed and subscribe with your iCal-compatible calendar application. For detailed instructions, read the tutorials below.

The URL to your iCal Feed is:
or open the iCalendar now by clicking the button below:

Outlook 2007

Add an iCal feed to Outlook 2007:
  • Copy the link of your iCal feed, which you can find on top of this page.
  • Select "Tools", then "Account Settings" in your Outlook 2007 Calendar menu. iCal Tutorial
  • Select "Internet Calendars" and click "New".
  • Paste the link to your iCal feed in the location field. iCal Tutorial
  • Set up the display name for your calendar and/or add a description in "Subscription Options". iCal Tutorial
  • To see your team's calendar, expand "Other Calendars" in your navigation pane and select your calendar. Use the arrows on the calendar tabs to merge or separate your team's calendar and your standard Outlook calendar. iCal Tutorial
  • That's it! Your calendar will now be updated automatically on a regular basis.

Apple Iphone

Add an iCal feed to Apple Iphone: Note: Make sure you are running iPhone 3.0 software or greater. This makes it easiest to subscribe to your calendar feed.
  • Open this page on your iPhone. You will be redirected to the mobile version of this website. Click on the "calendar" link.
  • You will see a button named "Synchronise with Phone".
  • If you tap on the button, your iPhone will ask you if you want to subscribe to the feed. Tab 'Subscribe'. iCal Tutorial
  • After your feed has been loaded onto your iPhone, you will see a confirmation message. Tap 'View events' to see the events from your FC Wiltz 71 iCal feed. iCal Tutorial
  • In your calendar, you will see your FC Wiltz 71 itinerary. Since you are subscribed to a feed, you won't need to synchronise it to your iPhone. It all comes automatically from the cloud!

Apple iCalendar

Add an iCal feed to Apple iCalendar (iMac, Macbook, etc.):

tutorial coming soon...

Google Calendar

Add an iCal feed to Google Calendar:

  • Log in to your Google Calendar ( )
  • On the bottom of the left column, you'll see a tab called "Other Calendars". Click on the little arrow just next to that. iCal Tutorial
  • Click on "Add by URL"
  • A new window opens. On top, you'll have to insert the URL of your calendar which you'll find on top of this page. It should be: webcal:// . Now press "Add Calendar": iCal Tutorial
  • That's it! Your calendar has now been synchronised to Google Calendar

Samsung Galaxy

Add an iCal feed to your Samsung Mobile Phone:
  • In order to synchronize the calendar with your Samsung/Android mobile device, you first need to use Google Calendar. You'll find an explanation to that on top of this tutorial.
  • Once you have added it to your Google Calendar, you can add it to your mobile device. Take your device and open your calendar.
  • Then, you press the bottom left button on your device which opens the options of your calendar, and you click on "Settings": iCal Tutorial
  • Now, you scroll down to the tab that says "Calendar" and click on that: iCal Tutorial
  • Somewhere there, you'll find the calendar that you have added via Google Calendar, and you check the box next to it. NOTE: If that calendar is not in that list yet, go back to step 1) and instead of pressing the "Settings" option, press the "Synchronize" option, and after that repeat the procedure. Then, press "OK" in the top right corner: iCal Tutorial
  • That's it! Your calendar has now been synchronised to your mobile device
Please enter the start and end date for the calendar export.
The export of the PDF is based on the settings which have been defined beforehand.
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